Repurposed Pianos

Original Works by Ragland Piano Company

Over the past few years interest has grown in repurposing items into new, more useful things.  Spend a few minutes searching online and you'll find a number of creative items made from old pianos.  What we have chosen to strive for is to strike a balance between changing it so entirely that you can't tell it was ever a piano, yet do more than just leave it looking like a piano that was gutted and stuffed with books, bottles or whatnots.


Completed (or nearly completed....)

No name on this piano, unable to determine exact age, probably early 1900's judging by cabinet design and internal action components.

Made with a finished back to allow placement anywhere in a room.  Typical of many of our designs there is also a secret compartment.


Desk made from repurposed antique Baldwin Valley Gem upright piano.  Hidden cubbyholes  behind back panel. Lid also lifts up revealing a shallow storage compartment running the length of the desk. Glass writing surface.



Our favorite project thus far, a wine cabinet made from an 1898 Kimball upright piano.  Narrowed to just under 48" (from over 60").  9 rows of stemware hangars hold 2-3 glasses each.  Storage for 14 bottles of wine in racks below serving surface (which was made from a recycled spruce soundboard).  Doors open to reveal additional storage.

Beautiful and unique


More photos


Smaller Projects
Sometimes we don't use the whole piano.....

Mahogany hall table made from part of an Everett console.  We also salvaged four iron backposts that we plan to use as legs for a future project.
Fireplace Mantle made from a Starr upright.  Adjustable to fit different width fireplaces.


Child's Church Pew
Made from late 1800's
New England Upright Piano



Forthcoming Projects
All pianos below are restorable as pianos, but on average will cost $6,000-$10,000
for a proper restoration.  Seldom does the individual come along willing to spend
that much, so..... what will these pianos become???

O.K. Houck #K38200
early 1900's

This one will make great wine cabinet!

Lester Upright #21958
made in 1900
Vose & Sons #34239
made in 1894

One of the fancier cabinets we have on the waiting list - what should this one become?


Hamilton Upright #8929
Quartersawn (Tiger) Oak Cabinet
made in 1899

One of the only oak cabinets currently slated for repurposing.

A very similar piano was repurposed into a desk by a company in Oregon

Haines Upright Piano #63868
made in 1923

We're thinking this one would make a great bar - front panel cut out just under the decorative trim, mirror in the back, disco ball (kidding....but hey....)

H.P. Nelson upright #38575
Built circa 1908

This project is taking shape - it is being repurposed as a cabinet for a digital piano - shortened and not as deep but still preserving the wonderful details of the cabinet.

Email if interested in seeing photos after completion.

William Thomas
Built in England

Old English pianos are known for their "birdcage" actions and gorgeous cabinetry.  The actions are obsolete, difficult to work on and generally poor performing - meaning this is a perfect repurposing project.