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Wurlitzer Spinet Piano
Fruitwood Cabinet, excellent condition
Serial number 970901 (built in 1966)



Very nice, clean Wurlitzer acoustic spinet piano.  Plays, looks and sounds great.  We have professionally reconditioned this piano inside and out in our service facility - visit http://www.raglandpiano.com/recondition.htm to see the reconditioning process that our used pianos go through.  A quick visit will show you solid reasons why our used pianos are better than the vast majority out there.  This piano plays and sounds great.  Delivery is included within a 100 mile radius, as is in-home tuning which should be done about two weeks after delivery to give the piano time to acclimate to the new environment.  Inside our service area of 100 miles we also include a two year parts and labor warranty, and also give you a written guarantee that we will give you what you paid for the instrument back on trade as long as it is maintained in it's sale condition, normal wear and tear excepted.

Points to consider - visit my brief information page covering several important topics when searching for a used piano.  Not sure what to look for in a used piano?  Not sure what the best instrument is for a beginner?  Visit this page at http://www.raglandpiano.com/Pages-htm/considermain.htm

DIMENSIONS:  Most vertical pianos measure within a few inches of 2' deep by 5' wide, height varies according to type of piano (usually, but not always:  36"-40" for a spinet, 42"-44" for a console, 45"-48" for a studio.  Some newer professional uprights measure up to 52" or so, but many pianos over 50" are the older, pre-depression era "highback" pianos).

Personal inspection is welcomed.  If you happen to fly in to Texarkana, give us a little advance notice and we'll pick you up.  Certainly feel free to contact an independent local tech for an appraisal and let us know if you would like additional photos.

Email us at raglandpiano@cableone.net or call toll-free 1-888-517-4266 with any questions you have (ask for Howard).  Texas deliveries must pay sales tax, we do not collect sales tax for other states.  I am more than happy to answer questions pertaining to any of the pianos I have available for sale, but please understand I get many inquiries regarding pianos in general - please reserve use of my toll-free number for questions regarding my pianos, and for a small $10 fee (payable through Paypal) you may ask any questions pertaining to another instrument you are buying/selling by visiting  THIS PAGE.  Please note that I cannot assess a particular piano without seeing it, but am glad to give ballpark ideas of value, suggestions for selling, past experiences with similar brands, etc. in exchange for that small fee.  If you require specific advice or assessment of a particular piano (not in my store) consider contacting a local technician or store in your area.

(Please reserve use of this toll-free number for questions regarding our pianos for sale.)

Contact:  I will be glad to answer any questions you have about the item listed above or any other item we carry.

Payment: We accept Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, personal and business checks.

Texas deliveries must pay 8.25% sales tax.

Shipping: Delivery is included to a ground floor location (steps/stairs may be extra) within a 100 mile radius of Texarkana, TX (over 100 but less than 300 miles add $1/mile one way) but we will ship to any location in the Continental U.S. at the buyer's expense - but please note that shipping cost for door to door delivery (outside about a 300 mile radius)  is usually $600+.  Due to freight costs, we prefer to sell within a 300 mile radius but will ship anywhere at buyer's expense.    As needed, email us and we will help you determine your best shipping option.  Be sure to include your city, state and zip code in any correspondence.  Again, delivery is free within 100 miles of Texarkana, TX.

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(Please reserve use of this toll-free number for questions regarding our pianos for sale.)