Ragland Piano Company is in Texarkana, Texas

Kohler & Campbell SKG-400
 4' 7" Baby Grand Piano
Acoustic Piano
Polished White Cabinet, Serial #ISHG0073
We sold this piano new about 10 years ago, privately owned, nearly new condition, very little playing time


12-12-11 - I will be posting more photos and videos later, please check back later today!

Gorgeous piano.  Solid Spruce soundboard.  While the piano itself didn't need much, we still inspected and lightly reconditioned it in our service facility.   The cabinet is in great, nearly new condition - a very attractive polished white finish.  We sold this piano new in 2001.  Original, matching bench included.  The Korean built SKG series pianos were excellent pianos and had a number of features not seen in similar newer pianos.  Extra screws on each end of the top lid hinge help keep the hinge secured.  The keyslip is metal reinforced to prevent warping - a common cause of sticking keys.  The keybed has endgrain maple dowels where it is contacted by the glide bolts - critical to maintaining good keybed support and regulation.  Pianos without these dowels eventually get impressions where the bolts contact.  The action spine is "F" shaped, not "L" shaped - providing a much more rigid frame to mount the hammershank flanges to.  Also, the action has 5 action brackets where most pianos only have 4, giving additional support.  Look at the thickness of the lid support hinge - much stronger than most I see.  I seldom see these features on new pianos in this price range.  Please make the comparisons with other similarly priced pianos!

Points to consider when purchasing: an information page covering several important topics when searching for a used piano.  Not sure what to look for in a used piano?  Not sure what the best instrument is for a beginner?  What should you expect from the dealer you purchase a piano from?  Visit this page.

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Ragland Piano Company is owned and operated by me - Howard Gustafson. I am a second-generation piano technician with over 25 years experience with all types of pianos, including player pianos.  My career started as a preteen helping my father with minor tasks in his shop, followed a few years later by a decade associated with one of the largest music stores in the Memphis, TN area.  In 1996 I relocated to Texarkana, TX and a year later opened Ragland Piano Company in its present location at 314 Main Street.  I have three boys, the oldest of whom has started assisting me in the shop after school - the third generation to work in the piano business.